Comedy - 10:00min

2004 48-Hour Film Festival entry

Brian, an everyman cubicle-mole, decides to take a lunch break. Once outside, he encounters a strange man that gives him a mysterious box with simple instructions...keep the box closed. This sparks a series of re-connections with old friends, past lovers, and wayward synthesizer performers. But...what's in the BOX?

NOTE: This was our entry in the 48-hour film festival in Boston. For those of you unfamiliar with the festival, each group of filmmakers gets a genre, a line of dialogue, a character, and an object on a Friday night. You then have 48 hours to write, film, edit and score the film. It is turned in Sunday night and shown 2 weeks later. It's a lot of fun, but hardly an ideal way to create a film.

I'm not apologizing for Box know...keeping it all in perspective for you nice viewers :) Enjoy!


View 'BOX LUNCH' here








Comedy/Sci-Fi - 11:00min



A young couple move into their first home. Before they can settle in, a creature resembling a humanoid astronaut appears on their front lawn. Rather than alert the authorities or confront the strange traveller, they decide to watch and wait for it to make the first move...and wait...and wait...



Lisa Perry - The Wife

Brian White - The Husband

Peter Foti - The Visitor



Mike McQuilkin - Writer, Director

Landon Wong - Assistant Director/Sound

Daniel Shea - Director of Photography

Peter Foti - Art Director/Lighting

'FRONT LAWN' - trailer



'FRONT LAWN' - stills

Some interior shots from the filming of the 'FRONT LAWN' short

All images ©2010 BURNING SNOWMAN productions








"ASN - Live at Church in Boston"

Live Performance - 13:00min

Nov. 2009




ASN opening for Edo G and Masta Ace at Church Boston, MA accapella followed by two songs backed by Dub Station Band


Mike McQuilkin - Camera/Edit

Richard Famonville - Camera 2





Air Traffic Controller - "Can't Let Go" video (Dir. by M.McQuilkin/Filmed by Rick Macomber)

The Band:
Dave Munro: vocals, guitar
Rich Munro: percussion
Randy Creasi: lead guitar
Kevmanndude: bass
Steve Scott: keys/multi-instrumentalist

Director: Mike McQuilkin
Director of Photography: Rick Macomber
2nd Camera Unit: Jeff Munro
Editors: Mike McQuilkin, Rick Macomber
Crew: Billy Lawler
Shot with Sony Z1U
Edited on FCP

Driver: Dave Munro
Flashback Girlfriend: Pam Mullen
A Man: KevMannDude
Good Samaritans: Randy Creasi, Steve Scott
No Nos: Rich Munro, Dave Munro, Steve Scott
Picnic Bench Crowd: Steve Scott, Pam Mullen, Al Tischler,
Randy Creasi, Jennifer Claire, Jenn Eddy






5 min comedy


The continuing adventures of Max & Larry. In this episode, a bone shortage prompts a late-night expedition...into the un(dog)known!




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