Two-minute clip of new short 'FRONT LAWN' available in the FILMS section

The penultimate edit...maybe...

New music, tho!



'FRONT LAWN' short feature in post-production

Well, we wrapped up principal photography on our latest short 'Front Lawn'. It was a speedy shoot (one weekend), and now we're face-first in the exultant fog that is post-production. We'll post some short clips and some soundtrack cuts soon. In the meantime...stay frosty.



New 48-Hour Film Festival clip available in the FILMS section

The "final" edit of our first 48-hour Film Festival is now complete. We had a blast doing it, and it cerainly served it's intended purpose (which was, clearly, to frustrate us to the brink of career reevaluation). Lots of creative, resourceful folks at the competition. Very inspiring. Still, we may skip the next one...