Comic-drama - Featurette - 45min

CURRENT STATUS : completed (view Prod. BLOG)

Filming: July 2007- Aug 2007

Post: 2010


Barney and Harv, two co-workers who've never spoken, embark on a strange midnight journey through a sleepy New England town to convince each other that the end of the world hasn't occurred. Along the way, they meet a curious array of after-hours wanderers that may (or may not) provide some answers to life, anger, and the inevitability of consequence.


Brian White - Harv

Stephen Dexter - Barney

Dan Schuettinger - The Body

Sarah McLean - Attendant

Patrick O'Hanlon - Skuzz

Jess Hunt - Jasmine

DJ Gordon - Phil

Richard Faymonville - The Professor



Mike McQuilkin - Writer, Director

Rebekah White - Assistant Director

Chuck Mello - Director of Photography

Landon Wong - Script Supervisor

Peter Foti - Production Sound Mixer

Music - Sir Richard Wentworth


'BYSTANDER' trailer



'BYSTANDER' preview (pt. 1)


'BYSTANDER' trailer- HORROR edition (Why not...?)



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